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Top 3 Silicone Baby Dolls under $100 for Children and Adult


Silicone Baby Dolls under $100

Silicone baby dolls under $100 here can be used as your reference if you want to buy a special gift for your children. It looks realistic along with cute and up to date outfit. The most important thing is the price is affordable enough. It is also a multifunction doll whether for playing activity or nursery treatment. Just check the list below and choose the cutest baby dolls for your children.

Paradise Galleries Baby Doll

As one of silicone baby dolls under $100, this toy is realistic enough. It is realistic in the form of skin texture, parts of body, as well as its outfit. Just imagine that you are about to play with a 19 inch baby doll along with 10 different cute outfits. The material is close to a real baby in the sense of skin texture. The cute appearance is coming from its brown eyes, hairs, and eyelashes. The material is safe in wet area so you can let your children take a bath together with the doll. Just dry the doll and it is ready to use just like before. You may choose to play with baby girl doll or baby boy doll.

Silicone Baby Dolls Girl under $100

JC Toys Baby Doll

What makes people are fascinating with this baby doll is on its realistic anatomy. Because of close to realistic anatomy and soft skin texture design, JC Toys baby doll is a perfect for nursery treatment. That why it is classified as one of multifunction silicone baby dolls under $100 you can buy. It is a great toy for your children as well as a nursery item for adult. They can bring this doll to the bathtub to take a bath together. The clothes are also easy to find and even you can buy realistic clothes for the baby. It will be fun to play with this baby doll.

Sany Baby Doll

If you want some more references, you can just take Sany baby doll as your reference. The best part of this doll is on its super soft material which makes it looks real. The realistic sense is not only can be seen from its body but also from her eyes and mouth. Your children are about to play with a close to realistic baby doll including a realistic hair, eyes, and eyelashes. The realistic size makes you easy to find the cutest clothes for the baby doll. So, do you think that it is one of the best silicone baby dolls under $100 for your children?



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