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What You Should Know about Ecoflex Silicone Babies


Ecoflex Silicone Babies

Ecoflex silicone babies are known to those who love baby dolls. The material used is somewhat different with the standard silicone. Silicone babies are a great dolls to be played with or used as a display. Here is some things you should know regarding ecoflex silicone babies.

What is the ecoflex silicone?

It is a good thing for you to know the basic material itself, which is ecoflex silicone. Ecoflex silicone is somewhat similar to the ecoflex rubbers used in film-making makeup. It is quite versatile to use, so the material can be used as the base of vinyl doll kit. Vinyl doll kit is the separated body art of the baby doll, and it comes with its basic color which is not the same with the color of human’s skin. The material is not tacky, has low viscosity, and quite easy to be painted or recolor. You can see a lot of product that use ecoflex silicone such as prosthetic appliances, orthotics cushioning, and many more. Its strong and quite stretchy characteristic is what make the material is great as the base of baby doll.

Ecoflex Silicone Baby Dolls

Silicone babies and the basics

Baby dolls that look real will make your kids acquire empathy and sympathy towards something, which are very important in your child’s future.  Learning something with toys that look real is bound to be quicker since the toys itself are quite similar with human, and the kids can relate the toys with real human easier compared if the kids play with fake dolls. Be careful that your kids may consider the dolls to be their real younger brother or children. This can be avoided by keep watching your kids while they are playing with the toys.

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Make sure that you prevent everything that leads to unusual sentiment towards the toys. Aside from that, another trouble caused by playing with such dolls is that your kids may treat others completely the same with the dolls, which is not good. Aside from the dolls’ use as toys, it is also a good display to be put on your cabinet. Make sure that you always maintain its color and shape so they won’t degrade and stay in its original and beautiful form.

Ecoflex Silicone Reborn Babies

By using easy recolor and safe material like, ecoflex silicone is a good choice when it comes to baby doll things. The material will hold its shape and won’t easily flawed by dust, making it a great option to be put as a display. It is recommended that you should have one of this ecoflex silicone baby to decorate your house.



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