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How to Afford Really Cheap Silicone Babies


Cheap Silicone Babies

Having a silicone baby is a great thing, especially if you are able to get really cheap silicone babies available on the market. Most people use silicone babies to train themselves before getting real babies in their live. But the problem is that most silicone babies are quite expensive for common people. Here is some tips that you could use in order to get silicone babies with cheaper price.

You can first try secondhand products

While most people love to buy things in its new and original state, there is nothing to be sorry if you are intended to buy a secondhand silicone babies. Compared to a new one, secondhand product can be much cheaper. Of course, the price itself is not fixed like a new one, but it is guaranteed that secondhand product will be cheaper than new product. You can browse through internet to see any secondhand silicone babies available. Make sure that when you found out, contact the owner first and check for its current state.

Ask for prove that the silicon baby’s condition is as the same as the picture displayed on the web. Check the details and flaws such as color, wrinkles, hair condition, and so on. Aside from getting it online, some time there is also market who sold secondhand product. If you found one around your surroundings or around the city, it is worth to visit it and try to find the doll that suits you the best. With that, you will spend less money and get the doll you want.

Really Cheap Silicone Babies

 Or you can go for the rejected products

What? A rejected product?” some of you might ask such things but it is true that there are original and new silicone babies available. These original and new dolls are cheaper but the big thing is that all of the rejected products are not meet the standard product requirement. So you can expect it to have cheaper price with the expense of minor flaws such as fleck or spots in the skin, bad hair condition, irregular shape on its body part, and so on. But these flaws mostly can be handled by repairing it or you can do it yourself, depending on what flaws spotted on your dolls.

A flaw like spot in the skin can be handled by recoloring it and you can do it yourself with proper paint. But, there is also flaw that should be handled by silicone dolls professional such as irregularity in shape since most people lacks the ability to reshape a silicone doll. In case of that, it is important that you should not get such product online since you can’t see the flaw through your own eyes. It is best to search the doll and see it by yourself so you can think if the flaw can be handled by yourself or no to avoid other expensive cost.

Cheaper silicone dolls are what people wanted. Two easy way to get cheaper dolls is to get a secondhand product from others or you can go to the store and ask the shopkeeper if they have a rejected product or no. Those are some tips about how to get yourself really cheap silicone babies.


  1. I am wonting a newborn that cries and breathes that comes from the hospital and has a pacifier can u email me a couple pic please


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