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The Price of Compassion: How much do silicone babies cost us?


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A lot of parents may think about how much do silicone babies cost them. As you may know, silicone babies are quite similar with real babies since its skin and texture is pretty much the same with real humans. The thing is that, how much does it cost us. Here is some explanation regarding the cost of silicone babies.

What makes the price different?

It is obvious that silicone babies are much similar to real babies compared to plastic babies and others that look fake. The material used to produce such delicate toys will come in higher price. This is because silicone is harder to produce, although creating in into a certain shape is quite easier compared to other material. Aside from that, the texture of it creates a feel that is similar with real human skin.

With those features and excellences, it is no wonder that the price of a piece of silicon baby may vary from 30$ to 100$++. The bigger the size and the more similar with real babies, the price of a silicone baby will be more expensive. In the market, there are also silicon babies with clothes and without clothes. The fancier the clothes, the more expensive the price is. The variety of clothes and size is what make the price is more variable, making it quite difficult to find one that suit your kids’ taste.

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Should I choose quality or price?

Quality over price or price over quality are surely the dilemma for parents who want to buy a toy, or in this case a silicone baby, for their kids. The varieties of clothes and size will determine the price of a silicone doll. In choosing one that suits your kids’ taste and your wallet, the first thing you should do is to ask your kids about their preference regarding dolls. DO your kids want fancy dolls? Are your kids okay with cheaper dolls? You have to explain and compare the dolls you want to buy to your kids, and then listen to their complaint or advice. Using that guide, you may able to choose the best doll for your wallet. Also, your kids will be satisfied since you are listening to them and granting them a doll that suits their preferences.  Keep in mind that when you compare the doll you want to buy for your kids, you should tell them the details of each dolls as much as you can and tell them in a way where your kids can understand it. Most kids usually like a thing by it looks, so may offer them those with lower quality in texture but have fancy clothes if you are short on money.

After all, it is going back to your kids’ preferences. The price of a silicon baby dolls is quite expensive, the common silicone dolls that looked like human with moderate level of clothes. But, you may choose a cheaper silicone dolls by ‘tricking’ your kids by buying them dolls with fancy clothes. How much do silicone babies cost depends on its size, materials, and clothes.


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