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Silicone Baby Girl Reborn for Sale

Full Body Silicone Baby Girl Reborn Doll Minnie for Sale!

Full Body Silicone Baby Girl Reborn

Minnie by Bonnie Sieben is up for adoption – I just bought her from her first mommy who had her 6 months.  I have decided to only keep vinyl babies in my collection which is why I am selling.  This is a great price for this baby!  Her original price was $4,500.  You can view more pictures of her on Elie’s Facebook page!

Minnie is a solid pour silicone and is in one piece. Poured in eco flex 20 silicone. She is 17.5 inches long and approximately 6 lbs. She has a gorgeous head of medium brown rooted hair and hand rooted eyelashes. She is an anatomically correct female. She has an open mouth with a tongue. She will come with velvet powder and a brush for any shiny spots.  As with most silicone babies, there are a few areas where the silicone is not as smooth as others.  This is normal for silicone babies as no silicone pour is perfect.  She is in excellent condition for a 2nd hand silicone doll. There are no rips or tears.  The only thing that I can wrong is the tip of her right big toe is a little paler than the other. Not sure if this is a paint rub or if how the artist intended it to be.  The last 3 photos are of her straight out of a bath, hence the water droplets and wet hair!


*** The artist, Elie Habibi has said she will rematte this doll once for FREE whenever she may need it. Elie can also replace missing hairs.


I am being told this is a phenomenal deal for a Bonnie Sieben / Elie Habibi Full body silicone baby!

Returns: This full body silicone Minnie doll is sold as is. Returns are not accepted.

She will come home with her Certificate of Authenticity, velvet matting powder and brush, 3 outfits, 2 diapers, a pacifier and a blanket.


Price: US $3000.00

with Shipping (US ONLY)


If you are interested, please don’t hesitate and make contact with us today.