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Baby Dolls that Look Real and Cry


Baby Dolls that Look Real and Cry

It can be cute and it can be creepy, baby dolls that look real and cry may satisfy you in some way. A lot of people seek real baby doll that have certain features such as poo-ing and pee-ing doll, breathing, having heartbeat, and many more. The more real the doll is, those guys will be more interested to get one of them.

More realistic, more enthusiasm

It is true that on the market, you can find real baby dolls or reborn dolls, which have features similar to real human babies. Because its original purpose is to cure grief from losing child, the creators of reborn dolls create more realistic dolls through time. Features such as crying, excreting, and making sounds are common features in today’s era. This also because the demand from the customer.

They want to feel parenting life to its fullest. Not satisfied with passive dolls, customers make request to creators for certain feature. As time goes on, the features included in reborn babies are getting much real to human babies. Aside from that, its similarity also attracts those who have baby niche. Now, there are some people who collect reborn doll. It might be creepy for you but for them, it is a display of joy and satisfaction. There is no point in judging them because of their hobby, after all.

Reborn Baby Dolls that Look Real and Cry

Psychological and logical matters

As mentioned above, the original purpose of creating reborn doll is to cure a woman’s grief after she lost her baby or child. There are a lot of women who feel soothed and relaxed, feeling no anxiety at all after carrying the reborn doll and treat the doll just like what they did to their previous real child. When a reborn doll can do things like crying or breathing, its impact to women will be greatly increased. As women want to have parenting experience as much as they can, reborn dolls’ features are greatly increased. Because the doll can give women so much experience, soon the can overcome their anxiety and grief of their lost baby.

Real baby dolls or reborn dolls were originally made to cure anxiety and grief of a woman who lost her child. As time goes on, the demand from customers to creators of reborn dolls make the doll have so much features. Its effect is greater and attracts more baby enthusiasts. That is why baby dolls that look real and cry is more saleable than the passive one.


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