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Real Born Baby Dolls Types


Real Born Baby Dolls

Real born baby dolls can be the best option for those who lost their baby. This kind of doll is also called as “reborn” doll. You can purchase them according to the physical appearance that you want from it.

Do you want to know more about this doll? Keep reading below! This article will explain you about some types of real born baby dolls that can be found in the market according to their manufacturing process.


First of all, you can get reborning baby doll type. This type is actually the first basic of complete baby doll that can be found in the market. It also refers to the doll made from vinyl. They are available on various shape, size, and materials. You can also get modified babies according to your desirable one.

Real Born Baby Dolls Boy

Besides that, there are many companies that produce this doll. They make it easier and transform the vinyl doll into reborning one. You need to know that those companies really modify the doll that resembles the human baby such as from the expressions, surface materials, body shapes, and other baby attributes.

Meanwhile the outer skin of this doll is made from vinyl material. Well, you will be able to also find the premature baby doll with various sizes and modification.

Real Born Baby Dolls Girl


Newborning baby doll refers to the doll created from the kit. This type of doll is opposed to the manufactured doll like reborning type. The artists of this doll production will work as doll sculptors. They will also design the doll kits and molds according to the consumer’s requests.

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Well, this doll is taken from a kit type. Then, there are several steps that will be taken by some artists to modify it. This doll is also selected first before taken by suppliers. That’s why there are also some accessories sold separately. The consumers can add the accessories as they want.

Besides that, the consumers can also purchase separated body parts of this doll in the market. In other hand, they will be able to change the doll body parts if they want.

Cute Real Born Baby Dolls

Supplies Dolls

This is the next baby dolls that can be found in the market. The supplies refer to the body part of dolls sold separately. You can choose any body part of dolls from the supplies. There are limbs, heads, faces, weighting pellets, eyelashes, paint brushes, and heat set.

Besides that, you can also find the fake tears, cosmetic items, and thinning shears. Finally, those are all about real born baby dolls.



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