10 Inch Full Body Silicone Baby for Nursery Treatment

10 inch full body silicone baby doll is what you are looking for nursery treatment. It is important because it looks real along with flexible parts of the body. With such kind of function, you can treat it just like when you are treating a real baby. So, do you need a reference of 10 inch full body silicone baby for nursery treatment? Just check the list here and pick one of the lovely baby dolls.

10 inch Full Body Silicone Baby Doll from Sany

Actually, the size is similar to the real baby. As the result, you can feel that you are touching a real baby. You can take it to a bathtub in bathing time. Even, you can also remove the outfit and change it with a new one. All the properties are able to buy easily along with affordable price. The silicone material makes the texture also looks like a real baby. Just treat yourself as real as you can so you are ready when you have to touch your own baby. It is supported by real hair so you can comb it and add a bandana.

Newborn Full Body Silicone Baby Doll from JC Toys Baby Girl Edition

Let say, you are about to deliver your baby and you want to treat how to handle it. Before handle the real baby, you can try to treat the toy and the option will be newborn full body silicone baby doll from JC Toys. It is an interesting 10 inch full body silicone baby and it looks like a real newborn baby. Just imagine the cute face along with real eyes and even wrinkle. Don’t get surprise if you think that you are touching a real baby because the silicone is soft enough just like the texture of real baby. The real baby doll is also supported with realistic clothes for newborn baby. So, you are ready to do your nursery treatment right away by the time you get the baby doll.

Newborn Full Body Silicone Baby Doll from JC Toys Baby Boy Edition

Treating a baby boy and baby girl is different. For those who want to have or welcome a baby boy, you can take this baby boy edition. JC Toys is designed this baby doll just like a baby boy in the term of skin texture, wrinkle, face, eyes, arm, leg, and many more. Just like any other reference above, the silicone makes the body of the doll similar to a real baby. It is soft and water resist! That’s why this 10 inch full body silicone baby doll is perfect for baby taking a bath treatment for new parents.